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Awards & Recognitions

2017 LFRW Awards: 14 Awards Packet: Baton Rouge, La / LFRW 33rd Biennial Convention  Best All Around ClubAcadiana Repbulican Women 

BETTY HEITMAN AWARD: Ruth Anne Hammons, Brenda Simon, Penny Frame, Carita Wilson, Helen Gray, Lennie Rhys, Beverly Murphy, Linda Bergeron, Norman Richard, Claire Smith, 

Doris Shannon Award: River Region, 36% increase and RW of Southwest La. 22% increase

Trula Russek 2017 Attendance Award: East Baton Rouge Parish RW

Edith Patsy Conkerton 2019 Attendance Award: (Club Metropolitan RW deceased member named in 2017):

Scrapbook: Div A: 1st Ascension, 2nd-Algiers, DIV B: 1st- MetroRWC, 2nd-AcadianaRWC, Div C -None

Campaign Hours: DIV A :1st- Franklinton (Club & individual), 2nd- Club-Ascension, 2nd Individual RWBR-Wanda Aizpurua. DIV B: 1st- East BR (Club), 2nd- Metrol (Club), 3rd-Jefferson Parish (Club), 1st Individual-Linda Vinsanau, 2nd Individual-Lennie Rhys East Baton Rouge, 3rd Individual-Debbie Skrimetta, DIV C: 1st (Club) Ouachita and Individual Kay Katz

Programs: Div A: 1st Ascension, 2nd, Algiers, 3rd, River Region, DIV B: 1st-Caddo, 2nd-Acadiana, Div C: RW Southwest La.

Newsletter: DIV A: 1st-Algiers, DIV. B-1st Caddo, 2nd-Acadiana RWC, 3rd-Jefferson, DIV C: TIE OUCHITA & RW Southwest la.

Membership Recruit: DIV A: River Region, DIV B: 1ST Jeff Parish, 2nd-Metro, 3rd-Slidell, DIV C: OUACHITA 

Technology: DIV A: Algiers, DIV B: Acadiana RWC, 2nd 3 way tie, DIV C: 1ST RW of Southwest La.

American Heritage: DIV A: 1st place -Algiers, DIV B: 1st Caddo, 2nd -Acadiana, DIV C: 1ST Ouachita

Literacy: DIV A: 1ST Agiers, DIV B: 2ND Acadiana RWC, 3rd, East Baton Rouge, DIV C: 1ST -RW of Southwest La. 

Finance/Fundraising: DIV A: 1st-River Region, DIV B: 1ST-jeff Parish, 2nd-Metro, 3rd-East Baton Rouge, DIV C : RW of Southwest La.

Community Service: DIV A 1st-Algiers, 2nd-Franklinton, DIV B: 1st Jeff Parish, 2nd-Metro, 3rd-East Baton Rouge, DIV C: 1st-RW Southwest La. 





2015 (Sept 10-13th) NFRW 38th Biennial Convention, Phoenix, Arizona

Diamond Award Club Achievement

Acadiana RW, Algiers RW, East Baton Rouge Parish RW, Mandeville Rw, Metropolitan RW, Ouachita Parish WRC

Gold Award Club Achievement

Professional RW of St Tammany, RW of Jefferson Parish

Silver Award Club Achievement

Professional RW of Caddo

Bronze Award Club Achievement

Bayou State RW, East Jefferson RW

State Members with Most Volunteer Hours Reported

Judy Dietzel

Betty Heitman Awards for Statae Excellence

Accomplishment:  LFRW

Public Relations Awards and Earned Media Award Division Winner
‚Äč3rd Place Winner LFRW with Acadiana RW Newspaper writeup on Reading Across America with ARW Member dressed as Dr. Seuss's Cat and the Hat

NFRW Board of Directors from Louisiana  are:  Gena Gore, State President, Standing Committee  Fundraising JoAnn Parker Chair, Special Committees Women in Business, Gena Gore Chair

New Capitol Regents from Louisiana are: JoAnn Parker

NFRW Regents 2015  from Louisiana are:  Gena Gore, Suzanne Crow, and Heidi Martin

2013 NFRW 37th Biennial Convention, Louisville, Kentucky
Club Achievement Awards

Diamond Award
Acadiana RW/Lafayette
Franklin RW
Ouachita Parish WRC



Algiers RW
Bayou Teche RW
Mandeville RW

Professional RW of Caddo
Republican Professional Women of St. Tammany
Republican Women of Baton Rouge

RWC of Jefferson Parish


Ascension RW
Capital City RW

Caring for America Awards
Region 4 Louisiana Federation
Metropolitan RW, Kenner, La.

June Williams, President of Louisiana Federation of Republican Women 2011-2015


Election of Jesse Morton as 4th Vice President

LFRW Betty Heitman Award for State Excellence Accomplishment

Caring For America Award - Grand Prize

Region 4 East Baton Rouge Parish RW

Member with Most Volunteer Hours in Louisiana
Charlotte Ruiz
East Jefferson Republic Women's Club


Diamond Award

  • East Jefferson Republican Women
  • Franklin Republican Women

Gold Award

  • Algiers RW
  • East Baton Rouge Republican Women
  • Metropolitan RW
  • Professional RW of Caddo
  • Republican Professional W of St. Tammany

Silver Award

  • Acadiana RW
  • Mandeville RW
  • RWC of Jefferson Parish
  • River Region RW
  • Slidell RWC

Minimum on 25% Increase or greater


  • Hammond Area Republican Women

51-100 MEMBERS

  • Acadiana RWC


  • Franklin Republican Women


Franklin Republican Women